IIT JEE Bihar: Some useful Tips and Tricks


A group of students (IIT Kanpur and IIT Kharagpur) from Bihar who had undergone ordeal and misguidance during their preparation bravely decided to take the onus of improving the current education system of Bihar and imparting correct guidance to the students preparing for IIT JEE.

They decided to help the IIT JEE aspirants from their state by way of motivating them and providing them with certain tips and tricks.This would help them in their preparation of IIT JEE. This led to the birth of “I-DESIRE”.

The first step of I-DESIRE was a workshop in 2002, which got an overwhelming response from all the sections of the society, media, students and teachers. The workshop was attended by over 900 students. From there onwards, there was no looking back and this mission gained momentum each year, motivating and guiding the IIT JEE aspirants.

”I-DSESIRE” is now an organization of students and alumnus of different IITs hailing from Bihar. It has gained strength by support of the fellow IITians from our state. Ever since its birth, “I-DESIRE” has a single goal of motivating and guiding the IIT JEE aspirants from this state, so that, they can prepare themselves in a better way.

Our long term goal is the social and economic uplifting of this state. We strive to increase the number of successes in all competitive examinations including IIT JEE from Bihar. Education brings enlightenment. Increased success will create an atmosphere of hope. More would take courage to do the impossible.

This could be a huge step towards overall well being of our state and country as a whole. With the support we are getting, we have decided to organize more workshop to help more and more students to crack IIT JEE. Proper guidance and free study material will be provided to the deserving students. Best professors of Bihar have also joined hands with us to provide free coaching to the students who clear our workshop tests.

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