IIT JEE Bihar- Fact

IIT JEE Bihar-  Fact

IIT JEE is unarguably one of the toughest entrance examinations on this earth. Cracking IIT JEE requires not only above average intelligence but also expert guidance and motivation. Having born and brought up in Bihar we are well aware of the fact that the Bihari students suffer a lot due to lack of proper guidance.One of the reasons is that  Bihar has been a socially backward and economically deprived State for decades now. Bihari parents unfortunately fail to provide their wards with the kind of guidance and level of economic, professional and moral support required for such a high level of competition. Due to this the Bihari students despite being as talented as their counterparts in other states usually fail to compete with them. This is vividly reflected in the statistics of the IIT JEE examination results held every year for entrance to most prestigious engineering institutes of the country.While the national selection rate is around 3%, the success rate in Bihar is less than 0.6%.

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