IIT JEE Bihar Aspirants’ Common problems: A Review

As per the survey we conduct every year after the workshop, the common problems faced by the IIT JEE aspirants are:

• Inefficient School Education

The schools in Bihar especially public schools have been not so successful in guiding students to the level of excellence required to be successful in examinations like IIT JEE. The numerical problems are not given the importance they deserve.

The schools do not deem it necessary to motivate the students for competitive examinations. Under the lack of proper guidance, inspiration and motivation students fail to get the kind of orientation and thrust required for the competitive examinations. Under these circumstances students tend to get the impression that IIT JEE is nearly an impossible nut to crack and only the school admission can’t guarantee them a success at IIT JEE.

The truth however is that if a student studies properly at school and complete his syllabus in time, they have a hug chance of cracking IIT JEE. IIT JEE is well aware of this situation and is working continuously to improve the situation. The erratic pattern of IIT JEE is a testimony to this. In 2007 IIT JEE simplified the questions so that even a High School student with good understanding of the subject can solve it. The results were encouraging.

Lots of students who did not go to any coaching were successful. Generally most students resort to private coaching to get out of this situation, which is too expensive for most. With efforts of IIT JEE this might change a bit.

• Expensive and Misguiding private coaching centers

A great number of students studying in Patna are from rural areas. They come here with big dreams but absolutely no idea of where to pursue their dreams. Even after paying a huge amount of money to make their dreams of cracking IITJEE, most would fail due to lack of right guidance. Quite unfortunately, they land up in the net of the unscrupulous money mongering IITJEE coaching wallas.

These IITJEE coaching institutes are high on promises but null on results. Most of them have failed to produce a single IITian but keep pursuing students on the basis of false results. The teachers at these coaching centers teach what they know rather than what is required for the JEE.Due to lack of organized coaching available students have to take subject-wise coaching. They usually join coaching for different subjects at a time and then fail to cope up with the problem of time management.

•   Lodging and Messing Facilities

The other less important but not insignificant problems for the immigrant students are the lack of good lodging and feeding facilities, lack of conducive atmosphere in the lodges and lack of foresight. Most of the students, having a poor economic background fail to bear the burden of expensive education and lose their hope.The situation is alarming if we consider it in a long term.

With the wave of economic development hitting the Indian shores there is a huge demand for the trained professionals. If we do not improve this situation we will fail to reap the benefits of the economic development and Bihar will continue to slump. Unless we start working for the revival of the education system now, our future generations will get will curse us for our deeds.

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