IITians Helping Brains, Not go into Drains

IITians Helping Brains, Not go into Drains

We a group of IITians from Bihar studying at various IITs have joined hands to organize a four day workshop in Patna, which aims at motivating and guiding students for IITJEE. It would be a four day event where the aspirants would get an opportunity to talk to some of the top rankers in IITJEE. The idea emerges from our school days when we always kept searching for opportunities (although rare) to talk to some of our seniors at IITs. We wanted to share our concerns with them and ask various questions which now seem silly. IITJEE always used to be a nightmare for most of us, but meeting some of the IITians(sometimes our seniors used to visit our school) used to give us a tremendous mental boost up. They were a never ending source of inspiration for us.  Their sheer presence and words used to recharge us. The transformation they created was charismatic. Enthused by their words we were filled with fresh energy to resume our studies with confidence.

The time has changed but the feeling remains same. Occasionally when I meet aspirants while traveling in a railway compartment the respect, love and affection shown by them and the numerous queries which follow reminds me of my school days. I shared my idea with some of my batch mates at IIT Kanpur and it was appreciated. We moved ahead and started preparing for the workshop. We aptly named it I-DESIRE which stands for “IITians Developing Effective Strategy Intensity and Re-believing in you through their Experience”. Then we thought of adding many other features to the workshop like guiding them to the type of grading system at IITJEE. This is based on our experience.We also prepared some lectures on topics of our expertise and taught them how to approach when starting a new topic. The ways to answer at the examination and the common errors which students generally make. How to tackle the  stress during exam time and above all motivated them not to give up during the final phase of their preparation. This is a common practice among the students in Bihar. People out of exam fear, stop preparing for JEE just two or three months prior to the dooms day thinking that they have not prepared well. This is a serious problem with us, which leads to even some deserving candidates loosing a year. We want to clarify them about these and many other myths.

Collective effort by IITians

The most important part is that this is a collective effort of approximately 25 IITians. We have carefully planned the program in such a way that students would benefit from each and every second of the workshop. This was possible after several brainstorming sessions and lot of hard work. Every day we would have 240 minutes, which has been planned meticulously. We would also share with them how to utilize their time most efficiently and plan for studies so that they have their maxima on the day of the exam and finally crack it! Focused work is yet another important strategy for success in a fiercely competitive examination like JEE. Students loose a lot of time doing unnecessary stuff and ultimately finish late. We want to talk on these and many other issues.

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