News about I-DESIRE in media and the Controversy involved
This is to inform you that I-DESIRE has been repeatedly called a “Coaching Institute by various sections of Media. It is NOT a coaching institute. It is an organization founded by successful IITians both Students and Alumni and supported by SKDubey Foundation, NJ, USA. Its aim is to motivate, guide and inspire aspirants from Bihar the birthplace of our distinguished alumnus late Shri Satyendra Kumar Dubey. It was founded in 2002 and since then we have been conducting four day workshop once every year. Recently I-DESIRE has been embroiled in a controversy due to selfish interests of some people. The logic behind such controversy seems quite ill founded.

Kindly Note the Sequence of events as below:
1. Around 700 students attended I-DESIRE workshop in 2006. (Registration forms available)
2. We selected 34 to be called I-DESIRE Champs on the basis of a written examination.
3. On the basis of a survey in Patna we selected 3(three) Teachers who agreed to guide these students for next 7-8 months absolutely free of cost. Prof. Deb Mukherjee (Physics), Mr. Anil Parmar (Chemistry) and Mr. Vikas Rahi (Mathematics).
4. I-DESIRE team remained in touch with these students though Emails, Phone and also talking to them personally during holidays.
5. Fortunately 13 students out of these 34 got selected in IIT JEE.
6. Some of these students might have attended many other coaching institutes, joined test series or correspondence courses. Each one of them has the right to claim them as their student. This is universally excepted truth and there is no doubt about it. Under these situations we don’t understand why such a controversy has erupted.
The current media coverage about I-DESIRE has been really disheartening. Such incidents could further discourage people interested in working for Bihar.Instead of trying to bring down others if we cooperate we could produce much better results for our society and country as a whole. I sincerely think that I-DESIRE Champs was a brilliant idea and was implemented perfectly well. We look forward to the cooperation of all sections of Media in this regard. Sushil Singhania (IIT Kanpur Mech. Engineering)


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