Jan 25

Begusarai Expense

Begusarai Workshop Expense






Expenditure Details






15th July



From Patna( + Conveyance two people)



Commute for 5 IITians

To and Fro from their home



Lunch and Dinner 5 People

Workshop Day




Workshop Day



Test Papers Printing

Test Day



Forms + Other Printing Expense

Workshop Day


Total I



Shyam Kumar (IIT K)


Abhishek Kumar (IIT K)


Amit Kumar (IIT G)


Manish Kumar (IIT K)


Total II


Grand Total




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Jan 25

Begusarai Schedule

Schedule for the I-DESIRE Workshop Begusarai

Date: 15th – 16th July 2007

Place: Jubilee Hall, IOCL Refinery Township, Begusarai

Session-1 (10.00 am to 01:10 pm)

1. About JEE (Info and previous year paper analysis) 15 min
2. Different Types of Objective Questions 40 min
3. How to attempt an Objective Exam. 35 min
(Do’s and Don’ts included.)

Break: 10 minutes

1. IITK Video 15 min
2. Planning (Includes a plan for two year, 35 min
one year, last 3 months)
3. How to read Physics and some special Topics 40 min
(Significant figures, Error Analysis etc.)

Session-2 (02.00 pm to 05:10 pm)

1. How to read Chemistry and Maths including some topics. 35 min
2. Dr. H.C.Verma speaks for IIT JEE Video 30 min
3. Time management 15 min
4. Panel Discussion 10 min

Break: 10 minutes

1. How to get answer without solving the Problem 40 min
(Different approaches with Last 2 year Questions)
2. Question-Answer Session (with latest Information) 20 min
3. Career Options other than JEE 30 min.
We will open the panel for question answer round after this. Aspirants are
encouraged to
ask question and queries to approximately ten IITians who would present at the

10:00am – 01:00 pm
Venue: Jubilee Hall, IOCL Refinery Township, Begusarai
Please arrive at the test center at least 15 minutes before commencement of

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Jan 22

About I-Desire Champ

We did not stop after getting huge success in workshop. Inspired and encouraged by the huge response we got from media and masses we took a step forward. We introduced the concept of “I-DESIRE Champs” in 2006. We held a test in which we asked questions from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and IQ. On the basis of this test, we selected 45 students. 10 of them were from 11th studying batch, while the other 34 were from 12th studying and 12th pass batch. We arranged free coaching for them by most famous teachers in Patna.
The best part was that these teachers agreed and guided the batch with enthusiasm.
1. Prof. Deb Mukherjee (Physics)
2. Mr. Anil Parmar (Chemistry)
3. Er. Vikas Rahi (Mathematics)
These teachers are considered one of the best in their field and, we sincerely and heartily thank them
for the selfless interest they showed in helping us for a noble cause.
The students of the eligible batch have completed their one year training under their guidance, while
the 11th studying batch are still doing their two year training under their guidance.
Out of 34, 16 students qualified IITJEE in 2007. This was a huge achievement for all of us.
Our mission has now entered a new phase. We are enthralled to announce that, this year we are
planning to add a new dimension to our effort.
We call it “Entheos”.
During the interaction with the aspirants every year, we realized that the biggest problem students were
facing was lack of information about different career prospects available to them right after 10th, 12th and graduation. The lack of knowledge makes them believe that, if they don’t qualify IITJEE or some medical entrancetheir future would be doomed. This misconception forces them to keep pursuing these aims only to waste not only their valuable time but also various other lucrative career opportunities.Keeping this in mind, we have planned to organize a career counseling session for all the students of Patna, irrespective of their streams. We have named this event as “Entheos”. The “Entheos” will be attended by the students or alumni of different institutes from their respective areas. We also plan to invite professionals from different areas like journalism, mass communication, fashion technology, hotel management, law etc. these people will interact directly with the aspirants on a common platform and tell them about the different avenues and the way to get there.
We are always open to new ideas and we strive to do whatever possible for our state.

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Jan 22

IIT JEE Bihar: Some useful Tips and Tricks


A group of students (IIT Kanpur and IIT Kharagpur) from Bihar who had undergone ordeal and misguidance during their preparation bravely decided to take the onus of improving the current education system of Bihar and imparting correct guidance to the students preparing for IIT JEE.

They decided to help the IIT JEE aspirants from their state by way of motivating them and providing them with certain tips and tricks.This would help them in their preparation of IIT JEE. This led to the birth of “I-DESIRE”.

The first step of I-DESIRE was a workshop in 2002, which got an overwhelming response from all the sections of the society, media, students and teachers. The workshop was attended by over 900 students. From there onwards, there was no looking back and this mission gained momentum each year, motivating and guiding the IIT JEE aspirants.

”I-DSESIRE” is now an organization of students and alumnus of different IITs hailing from Bihar. It has gained strength by support of the fellow IITians from our state. Ever since its birth, “I-DESIRE” has a single goal of motivating and guiding the IIT JEE aspirants from this state, so that, they can prepare themselves in a better way.

Our long term goal is the social and economic uplifting of this state. We strive to increase the number of successes in all competitive examinations including IIT JEE from Bihar. Education brings enlightenment. Increased success will create an atmosphere of hope. More would take courage to do the impossible.

This could be a huge step towards overall well being of our state and country as a whole. With the support we are getting, we have decided to organize more workshop to help more and more students to crack IIT JEE. Proper guidance and free study material will be provided to the deserving students. Best professors of Bihar have also joined hands with us to provide free coaching to the students who clear our workshop tests.

Jan 19

IIT JEE Bihar Aspirants’ Common problems: A Review

As per the survey we conduct every year after the workshop, the common problems faced by the IIT JEE aspirants are:

• Inefficient School Education

The schools in Bihar especially public schools have been not so successful in guiding students to the level of excellence required to be successful in examinations like IIT JEE. The numerical problems are not given the importance they deserve.

The schools do not deem it necessary to motivate the students for competitive examinations. Under the lack of proper guidance, inspiration and motivation students fail to get the kind of orientation and thrust required for the competitive examinations. Under these circumstances students tend to get the impression that IIT JEE is nearly an impossible nut to crack and only the school admission can’t guarantee them a success at IIT JEE.

The truth however is that if a student studies properly at school and complete his syllabus in time, they have a hug chance of cracking IIT JEE. IIT JEE is well aware of this situation and is working continuously to improve the situation. The erratic pattern of IIT JEE is a testimony to this. In 2007 IIT JEE simplified the questions so that even a High School student with good understanding of the subject can solve it. The results were encouraging.

Lots of students who did not go to any coaching were successful. Generally most students resort to private coaching to get out of this situation, which is too expensive for most. With efforts of IIT JEE this might change a bit.

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