About Us

An initiative by IITians

When you Inspire to acquire what you Desire, you shouldn’t Retire, but Refire! This is the slogan of the team of IITians and their friends led by former IIT Kanpur graduate, Sushil Kumar who founded I-Desire.

I-DESIRE, a non-profit educational organization was founded in 2002 by a group of IITians from Bihar to help realize the dreams of needy and deserving small town students get into IITs and other top engineering colleges of the country. Having cracked difficult exams like IITJEE in spite of hailing from small towns and villages in Bihar these young and energetic individuals have realized the importance of Information, Inspiration and Strategy formulation for cutting through the cut throat competitions. Now, when they themselves are marching on the ‘Road of Success’ they want to share their secret to those who are ready to burn the midnight oil but don’t have the resources to buy it at first place. I-DESIRE team has been organizing comprehensive workshops for last  five years to share the relevant information, impart required inspiration and help students to formulaten studying strategies to face tough engineering competitions.

All this started in Patna, Bihar in 2002. 30 IITians hailing from different parts of Bihar united and slogged for almost a month to bring it to reality. Attended by almost 1000 aspirants, it turned out to be a very successful event. Realizing financial constraints as one of the biggest hurdles for underprivileged aspirants, I-DESIRE team came up with a novel idea of facilitating free expert guidance to potential aspirants. The efficacy of this innovative step can easily be judged from this year’s IITJEE results, where 16 out of 34 potential candidates selected by I-DESIRE team made it to their dream IITs. Their happiness knew no bounds when all these would be IITians and I-DESIRE team were congratulated by Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar in a recent felicitation ceremony. A poor waiter in Patna has become a celebrity of sorts after his son cracked IITJEE exam this year. This overjoyed man gives full credit to I-DESIRE for providing proper guidance, free coaching and study materials to his son.

Indian media has been instrumental in covering the initiatives taken by I-Desire team which helped it to gain positive recognition and applause from concerned Indians all around the world. “From those to whom much is given, much is expected” – Bill Gates at a recent commencement address at Harvard University. All activities of I-DESIRE are funded by some successful people from Bihar who believe in giving back to society. I-DESIRE wants to take this initiative to other small towns and villages in India. I-DESIRE team invites thoughtful and considerate citizens to come forward to support us and help in taking this mission further.

The seed of I-DESIRE has bloomed into a seedling in last five years and now striving to grow into giant tree which could give its shades to seekers of information and inspiration needed in pursuit of their destiny.