About I-Desire Workshop

“I-Desire” workshop is being organized every year since 2002 in the fond memory of Late Mr. S.K.Dubey, alumnus of IIT Kanpur. The motive of this workshop has been to inspire and motivate the students of Patna, aspiring for IITs.I-Desire has been successful in achieving its desired result. During the workshop, we promote an informal interaction between the IIT JEE aspirants and the IITians.Students discuss their personal problems. And, we discuss some topics, which we think, is difficult for the students.

What we do at our Workshops

“I-DESIRE”, ever since its birth has worked to deal with the students’ problem at its own level. We started organizing four days’ workshop every year. Following is the agenda of our workshops: Tell the students about the exact pattern and syllabus of IITJEE. Tell them about the books they should follow as well as the how to use each of those books. Describe the type of questions asked by the IITJEE and discuss the ways of solving them in different ways so that the aspirants may have a better insight into the IIT JEE.Discuss the topics generally ignored by the coaching institutes but having a significant weight age in the JEE paper. Motivate the students by taking them on a virtual tour of the IITs for which, we use to take the help of videos from the different IITs. This makes their spirits rise high for the IITJEE.Tell the students what not to do while preparing for the IITJEE. Arrange for one to one interaction between the aspirants and IITians so that they can clear all their confusions and seek personal guidance from their predecessors. Tell them about the ordeal we faced and the response we produced to them. Tell them about the mistakes we committed while preparing for the IITJEE, so that, they may not repeat the same mistakes.

Motivation for organizing this workshop:

Late Mr. Satyendra Kumar Dubey was an alumnus of Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur.He was a diehard honest and wanted to work for the betterment of our state, Bihar. He was working for NHAI Project in Gaya, where he came to know about the ongoing corruption. He fought against the ongoing corruption, but unfortunately, he had to sacrifice his life. We believe that, those who have struggled in their life always contribute to the society. Thus, this workshop was started in an endeavor to help the sincere students qualify IIT JEE so that, these people help in uplifting our state to new heights.

We are going to organize a test on the basis of which, we will be selecting top 50 students.These students will further be divided into 10 groups. Each group will have one IITian as his mentor. This mentor will maintain personal contact with him upto JEE 2007. He will assess his performance from time to time. He will also guide him continually.

In addition to this, the students will get free of cost guidance from three of the topmost teachers of Patna providing training for JEE. We are very glad to announce their name.
Prof. Deb Mukherjee,
Mr. Anil Parmar,
Er. Vikas Rahi.Further, Vijay IITJEE Test Series will be providing 100% scholarship to these students.


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